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Big Blue Dress Lyrics

Bueno, mucha gente se ha preguntado que coño dicen los gnomos del coro pues tras una pequeña labor de investigación he encontrado la letra y no solo pone lo que dicen los gnomos sino tb una frase que en el subtitulado del youtube no entendia que decia "me and Romba look so gay" bueno, pues no dice eso XD. Leed y disfrutad.

Por cierto Cranius, el autor de la cancion tiene un bonito blog que podreis leer aqui


I've been kicking ass since the dawn of time
I'm just a killing man that's reached my killing prime
I burn and I plunder as it suits my desire
The weapon of my choice is "great balls of fire"
So why, I ask, it just doesn't make much sense
That a man of my stature should have to wear a dress
I mean what, may I inquire, were you thinking on that day
When you conjured up for a man like me a robe that looks so gay
Ahhhh sit right back and your troubles melt away
Ahhhh he uses fire but his robe looks so gay
I was taught my craft at the dawn of pain
You may not like my methods but you'll surely know my name
I just think incendiary thoughts and my hands burst into flames
A few moments later and you'll never be the same
So if you're embarrassed and you hang your head in shame
You'd like an opportunity to redeem your worthy name
Well just remember this: when next you look to kill
That a man who's truly skilled can look quite good in twill
Y aunque no me pueda creer que aún quede gente sin verlo.....


**********No sé que pasó la otra vez pero no mostró el post entero.... espero que ahora se quede como yo quiero**********

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The fire is the test of gold; adversity of strong men.
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